Project Management 

Bross Group’s project managers are among the industry’s most talented. Collectively they have successfully managed hundreds of projects across diverse industries of all sizes. These services are the foundation of our business. The expertise we bring to project work allows us to consistently deliver positive outcomes to our clients.

A Small Business and Entrepreneurship Council survey recently found that SME’s saved more than a billion employee hours in 2011 by using mobile applications. The study also found that 31% of small firms with 20 or fewer employees were already leveraging applications. Owners estimated that they saved 5.6 hours a week per employee. The use of mobile apps to streamline monotonous tasks like bookkeeping, document sharing, and travel can seriously increase productivity.

  • 49% of owners surveyed were able to spend more time increasing sales
  • 36% reported that adopting the application cut overhead costs
  • 51% of small-firm owners said app usage made their business more competitive and more resilient to negative market forces

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