IT Assessment

Business Operations Assessment is a practical assessment of your IT technology—a jumping off point on the road to optimizing your IT infrastructure, freeing you to concentrate on driving your business forward.

A Bross Group assessment uniquely focuses on your organization’s future objectives. Assessments comprise a comprehensive review of your current IT assets including:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Management and Staff
  • Business Applications
  • Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Overall Process
  • Outputs the current and future states of your business in the format of an actionable roadmap. The process highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your people, processes, and technologies.

We analyze data collected from your IT workflows before:

  • Recommending improvements to the quality and effectiveness of your IT environment
  • Developing a plan to overcome weaknesses, deficiencies, and short-comings
  • Developing a strategy to revitalize and innovate the desired state

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